Work Trade


Each work trade is provided a cabin with electricity. Access to community restrooms, showers and kitchen.


Contracts for 65 hours a month include housing, water, and solar electricity. Food and personal needs are not included in work trade.


We value hard work, communication, and honesty. Your presence and contributions are recognized as an integral part of the Sacred Orchard Family.

Am I called to work at Sacred Orchard?

We offer a chance to build friendships, connect with the land, contribute to the land and the dream of this farm. For 65 hours a month honest work, Work Trade members have the use of a tiny house cabin with electricity. Shared bathrooms and kitchen space is close to the cabins. Access to laundry facilities as well.

*10/1/2021 Update: Currently there are no live-in positions available. If you are interested to volunteer at the farm or camp for a month or less in exchange for work, please get in touch.

Qualities we look for in work trade: Trustworthy, Honest, Communication skills, works well with others, self-starter. If this sounds like you, we want to talk with you! Work Trade applicants should be able to supply their own food and have a reliable vehicle during the duration of their contract. We also strongly recommend having a cell phone.


Q: What kind of work will I be doing? Projects always change and some routines stay the same. Some examples: building projects, field farming, gardening, fence line management, orchard management, cleaning facilities, animal care, seasonal work.

Q: I have an area of work I am really passionate about. Can I focus on this while on work trade? Yes of course! We are open to your ideas and look forward to hearing more in your interview. We are looking for someone who has photography skills too, just let us know what you are passionate about and we can find a project that resonates with you.

Q: Do I need to know how to farm or build to qualify? While these skills are definitely a plus, so too is your desire to learn and work hard. This experience can be a great chance to acquire new skills.

Q: How long can I stay as work trade? As long as it works well and you enjoy the experience, there isn't a limit. The first week is a trial period for you and for us. At anytime if the work hours are not being met or there is conflict in the community, members may be asked to leave.

Q: Can I bring a friend to live with me? No, all guests on the property must be hired through Sacred Orchard. If you have friends who would like to work trade, please welcome them to apply as well.

Q: What should I bring? We encourage you to think minimally in packing for your stay. Ideally, a few good pairs of work clothes and closed toe shoes. Water/muck boots are a must. There is cell service (Verizon and AT&T), but no internet on site. We have applied for a Starlink, but unsure when it will be available. It is a great chance for reading, music, and meditation on your down time.